Alexa Pi


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Learning Outcomes 

  • Learn the basics of IoT; 

  • Understand the concepts of the virtual assistant;  

  • Learn how to configure the Raspberry Pi to be a virtual assistant; 


Hardware Required

Component Number (Box Case) 

Slot 1 

Slot 10 

Slot 2 

Slot 11 

Slot 11 

Slot 12 

Slot 13 

Slot 11 

Slot 11 


Raspberry Pi + Case 

Raspbian SD Card 

TFT Screen 


Wireless Keyboard 

Wireless Mouse 

Power Supply Unit 


USB Microphone 


Video Guide



This project is designed to introduce you to a virtual assistant and the applications they have as an IoT capability. You will have run multiple commands that will configure the Raspberry Pi to become a virtual assistant and run Alexa. In addition, you will have been able to communicate back and forth asking questions and getting replies from the Raspberry Pi. Virtual assistants are extremely powerful tools, and this tutorial is just scratching the surface of what you can achieve with it, there are so many different projects you can build around this. Keep in mind that the Raspberry is limited in processing power and will not be able to handle large volumes of traffic accurately.