Fail2Ban Pi


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Learning Outcomes 

  • Learn the basics of IoT; 

  • Understand the concepts of Fail2Ban; 

  • Learn how Fail2Ban can be used.  


Hardware Required

Component Number (Box Case) 

Slot 1 

Slot 10 

Slot 2 

Slot 11 

Slot 11 

Slot 12 

Slot 13 


Raspberry Pi + Case 

Raspbian SD Card 

TFT Screen 


Wireless Keyboard 

Wireless Mouse 

Power Supply Unit 


Video Guide



This project has been designed to introduce you to Fail2Ban and the applications it has within IoT. You will have run multiple commands and written a small python script that will configure the raspberry pi to be able to run as an IPS. Fail2ban is a good and easy way to stop flooding (Brute-force attacks) and is also a good way to limit the number of bad requests you receive on your Apache web server.