SD Card Image Transfer


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Cyber Security Associates and Cyber Pi Projects will continually be updating and adding to the number of projects that are available for both the Peli Case and Box Case variants of our drop cases.

To ensure that each case has the correct software prerequisites installed we have provided you initially with the latest updated SD Cards. You should have 2 x SD Cards in your case; 1 x Raspbian OS Card and 1 x Kali Linux Card.

As more projects get added to the website their will be the requirement to update your SD Cards to make sure that you have the latest version. You will be able to do this by accessing the secure teacher portal via our website and downloading the latest .img file.

We have provided you with a USB to SD Card converter which will allow you to update your Micro SD cards.

SD Card Image

Step 1: To update your Micro SD Cards to the latest software version you will need to visit and log into your teacher portal to access the latest version;

Step 2: Download the latest version of the required Operating System. This will be a .zip file which will contain a compressed .img file for the SD Card;

Step 3: Once the .zip file is downloaded then extract the .img file onto your local computer;

Step 4: For this step you will need to install an SD Card imaging tool. One was provided on the USB stick you received in your Project Pack (Win32DiskImager). If you have not already installed this then please install before continuing. Alternatively, you can visit and download the software;

Step 5: Insert your Micro SD Card into the USB Card Adapter and plug into your computer.

Step 6: Open the Win32DiskImager program;


 Step 7: Choose the Image File that you have just downloaded and extracted;


Step 8: Choose the SD Card Drive that you wish to re-image;


Step 9: Click Write;

Step 10: You will get a warning that this will erase all data on the device. Ensure you are happy that all the steps have been completed then click Yes;


Step 11: Win32DiskImager will now write the .img file to the SD Card. Once the process has completed you will get a message;


Step 12: Eject the USB Card Reader via your normal method for safely removing media;

Step 13: You have now successfully re-imaged your Micro SD Card with the latest software version for the Cyber Pi Projects Case. You can insert the Micro SD Card into the Raspberry Pi and switch on.