Student Designed Projects

All the projects listed below have been designed by students. If you would like to have your project added to our site or you have an idea for a new project, please get in touch.

Probequest MAC address Sniffing

Designed by: Taylor Watson and Ross Williams

Wi-Fi devices are continually emitting probe frames, calling out for nearby Wi-Fi networks to connect to. Beyond being a privacy risk, probe frames can also be used to track or take over the data connection of nearby devices. We'll explain how to see nearby devices emitting probe frames using Probequest and what can be done with this information.




Designed by: Oscar Cattermole and Hannah Hughes

In this project, you will be using a pre-written keylogger, originally written in Python 2 but converted into Python 3, to trace what people are typing. You will learn how to launch an attack to run the script, in order to feedback the exact key presses of your target (unknowingly); this will include information such as what key has been pressed as well as what other keys have been held.

Brute-Force URL browser

Designed by Oliver Pohl and Tom Telford

This toolkit will allow you to brute force browse for those hidden directories, which are not accessible to the common user. This project was produced in order to give the follower of this guide a better understanding of the structure of a website and how websites can be manipulated by owners to protect them from malicious users who could perform malpractices when accessing sensitive data about the website or company.