Rhys Poulter Year 10

“The Cyber Pi Project was very informative and taught us things like how to jam a Wi-Fi connection and a motion detector. I liked it because IT WAS FUN.”

- Rhys Poulter Year 10 , Wyedean School

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Lyall WOOD Year 10

“The Cyber Pi Project was a great workshop. It was a fun and an interactive introduction into a new line of computing and coding.  After we executed the code we saw real-life results!”

- Lyall Wood Year 10, Wyedean School

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Tim Summerfield Year 10

“The Cyber Pi Projects allowed me to learn about the different components in computing systems and how the code causes them to act. I enjoyed that we created the projects and were able to code. I really felt I learnt a lot and really developed my skills in this workshop.”

- Tim Summerfield Year 10, Wyedean School

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Katie Peacey Year 10

“I really loved this workshop and completing the projects. When doing the Cyber Pi Project, I helped my team to make a Wi-Fi jammer. I enjoyed doing this because it allowed me to have fun whilst coding. This project really taught me skills that I would love to apply in the future.”

-Katie Peacey Year 10, Wyedean School

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Ryan Morgan Year 11, Wyedean School

“I thought that the Cyber Pi Projects were really good. My group focused on building the Wi-Fi jammer, which was a challenge. The videos were very useful and easy to follow. The wish we had more than the hour on the projects so that we could try to build more things. I was really inspired by the projects and wanted to learn more.”

- Ryan Morgan Year 11, Wyedean School

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Thomas Carter Year 12, Wyedean School

‘The Cyber Pi Projects experience delivered by the CSA was mind blowing in every aspect. From understanding how one could target a system and potentially disrupt it, to understanding exactly how one achieves it. This was incredible to learn about this first hand, and get experience doing so. Additionally, it was extremely educational, teaching us the other side to cyber security; which we had not have been exposed to.’

- Thomas Carter Year 12, Wyedean School

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