Weather Station Pi


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Please ensure you are using the latest SD Card image which is available here.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the DHT11 sensor;

  • Connect the DHT11 to the Raspberry Pi; 

  • Understand how SSH is used to create secure connections; 


Hardware Required

Component Number (Box Case)

Slot 1

Slot 11

Slot 10

Slot 5

Slot 11

Slot 11

Slot 11

Slot 12

Slot 13


Raspberry Pi + Case

Raspbian SD Card

DHT11 Sensor


Male Female Wires


Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Mouse

Power Supply


Video Guide


SSH is a very helpful network protocol that protects your communication between devices, this can create connections to other devices other than the Raspberry Pi. As long as there is a SSH server and SSH client installed on each of the machines it can create a connection. By default the username and password will always be pi:raspberry; this needs to be changed immediately if SSH is left activated or remember to disable SSH if you aren’t using it. There are additional peripherals that can be connected to this project, there are LCD screens that can automatically present the data, or you can create a simple HTTP server that presents the data to a webpage when requested. Try adding more to this project and identify different areas this project could be deployed in and why knowing the temp and humidity in those areas would be beneficial. .