Wifi Cracking


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Please ensure you are using the latest SD Card image which is available here.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand how to crack WPA2 WiFi;

  2. Configure a wireless interface to run in monitor mode;

  3. Attempt to crack a target WiFi Access Point (AP).


Component Number (Box Case)

Slot 1

Slot 12

Slot 11

Slot 11

Slot 2

Slot 11

Slot 11

Slot 12

Slot 13


Raspberry Pi + Case 

Alfa Card 

USB Cable 

Kali SD Card 

TFT Screen 

HDMI Cable 



Power Supply Unit 


Video Guide



In this project we have gone through the steps to crack WiFi passwords. There are a range of ways and tools created to break the WiFi WPA2 protocol and then gain access to the network. During a penetration test this would be completed to gain access to the network that the AP is connected to and exploited to allow persistent connections. If this AP was connected to a network with a file server or a web server it would be a way to access these servers and exploit them for further information. By performing this attack on a Raspberry Pi means this is very mobile and could be hidden at a target location for an extended amount of time, allowing the Raspberry Pi to brute force more complicated passwords as long as it had a power source and could then be a connected attack platform for more attacks.